News about the Go Circuit project.

Contribution process

Fri, Apr 26, 2013

A contribution process for the circuit repository code.google.com/p/gocircuit has just been established, and documented, although suffices to say that it is identical to the familiar code review workflow of the Go Language project.

It often comes up: Why are we using Mercurial, instead of Git? Generally, nothing prevents us from using Git. However, the code review system, which is a Python script that behind the scenes talks to your version control system and the codereview app, was initially implemented to work with Mercurial and would involve an unnecessary amount of work to rewire for Git.

That said, the underlying version control system does not really matter much: The source versioning workflow is supposed to take place essentially entirely through the commands of the code review script. In particular, developers are not expected to access the underlying versioning system directly, short of some common commands that are no different between Git and Mercurial.