News about the Go Circuit project.

Vote to see the Go Circuit at OpenStack Summit 2013 in Hong Kong

Fri, Aug 16, 2013

The OpenStack Summit 2013 is considering including a presentation of The Go Circuit. If you would like to see the circuit discussed at the summit, please, vote for it on the OpenStack Summit page for The Go Circuit. The abstract of the talk is also pasted below:

The circuit reduces the human development and sustenance costs of complex massively-scaled systems nearly to the level of their single-process counterparts. It is a combination of proven ideas from the Erlang ecosystem of distributed embedded devices and Go's ecosystem of Internet application development.We discuss the Go Circuit project and set it in the context of an inevitable and oncoming shift in the development and runtime stacks of the Internet age. We argue that the programming language is the right place to abstract access to a hardware clusters as a "Single-System Image". On the way, we appeal to the success of Erlang in the Telecom industry and discuss why it has not yet inspired Internet-age counterparts. Somewhat unlike Erlang, where the distributed operating system OTP is below the language, we assert that the distributed OS should be built above and using the language. We conclude with an important high-level observation that single desktop machines are qualitatively identical and only quantitatively different than distributed hardware clusters, in terms of the semantics of their behavior in the presence of failures.