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Slides from Strange Loop 2013

Sat, Sep 21, 2013

Find below slides from the Go Circuit presentation at Strange Loop 2013. This talk focuses on presenting the circuit as a way of building apps that provide clear isolation between application development (DEV) and operations (OPS), the latter being responsible for deploying said applications. Highlighted are the aspects of the circuit as a "bring-your-own-infrastructre" for cloud apps. Complex circuit cloud solutions are compiled into singular "smart" binaries which can be deployed "sloppily" and self-organize at runtime, thereby facilitating maintenance even when lacking understanding of app purpose. Circuit apps are co-habital – they can be deployed alongside existing infrastrucutre — thereby facilitating incremental adoption. To app developers the circuit is minimal or non-presumptuous: It merely abstracts the functionalities and behaviors (failures) of clusters; It does not add functionality (like job scheduling, reliability against failures, etc.):

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